Maybe we could just come as we are

I’m fighting to find you
While you’re dying to see me
I’m running to meet you
When you’re running behind me

I miss you
I miss you
I need you
These are the words I keep repeating

I’m aching for your love
You’re right next to me
I cry for your company
While you’re right next to me.

I miss you
I miss you
I need you
These are the words I keep repeating

Jesus I need you
Come and rescue me
This is my cry for help
The only cry known to me

This song is about running after God, about fighting to come close to him,

BUT what if god is the pursuer
What if we are not worthless or unattractive to him
What if we are not garbage
What if we are actually worth pursuing
What if I’m actually worth calling, worth doing things for, worth dying for?

Maybe we wouldn’t pray as much
Maybe we would be a little more quiet, anticipating.
Maybe we would stop screaming and start believing
Maybe I wouldn’t try so hard to come closer
Maybe I would finally just ‘be loved’

This is a big question. God is the pursuer of men, this is definitely true.
Even since the creation of the world god has been pursuing us:
‘’Adam, where are you?’’ He even went so far that he went along in our cultural way
Of thinking, following the rituals of sacrifice, that he gave his only son, so he could pursue us in a way that we could relate to.

Are you running to him? Are you running from him? He’s running there next to you. I promise.