Red love

It’s not always easy. Life. This is a song I wrote, with in my mind

the red light district in amsterdam. But it’s for anyone who needs to

know what the truth is about them, and their purity.

I would love to actually record it someday. The lyrics on the left

stand for the thoughts that some persons have about themselves,

ashamed, and full of hate. It’s also kind of the devil speaking.

Then on the right, there is Jesus speaking his truth against the part on the left.

The chorus and the last verses are sung by a group of people.

I imagine that while the verses on the left are being sung,

the lyrics of Jesus would be screamed out, after every scentence. Do you see it?


Give away your entire heart                                    I gave my heart away

Without questioning your motives               Without questioning my motives (surely for you)

Give away your soul                                                 I gave my soul away 

With no one there to stop you                                There’s non that could have stopped me

Give yourself away                                                   I gave myself away

Anyone will do                                                          You are worth my life

You are a treasure

You are a temple

You are holy

The fire lacks, no ambiance here              The fire was burning, my tears were immeasurable

Your body is on display                                             My body was on display (for you)

You’re broken, and you give yourself away               I was broken, I gave myself away

You have no soul                                                         I saved your soul

You are a treasure

You are a temple

You are holy

You fought to keep yourself                                     I will fight to hold you

You lost yourself                                                       And I will not lose you

You fought to strengthen yourself                          All my strength is for you to take

You collapsed                                                            And You will not lose me

You are a treasure

You are a temple

You are holy

You are a treasure

You are a temple

You are holy


I’m fighting for you

I’m repairing all that’s broken

I’m crying out to you

I’m restoring every body


My every heartbeat, is for you to know

Just how beautiful you are 


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